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Support for Nades and Priya at the Palm Sunday Rallies

March 24, 2018

Thousands of people around Australia participated in Palm Sunday rallies in support of refugee and asylum seekers. We are enormously grateful for all those people who held signs and gave speeches in support of Nades and Priya. Check out our Photo and Event page to see the pictures and video. 

Shorten praises Biloela over support for refugee family catchy title...

March 21, 2018

We meet with Bill Shorten on Tuesday night and raise the plight of Nades and Priya. Today Bill shorten has stated in the Gladstone Observer "Biloela community's support for the family meant they deserved "the respect of careful consideration, not just being treated as a number". You can see the full article here: 

Senator Bartlett brings attention to the case in the Senate

March 21, 2018

Senator Bartlett has raised the issue of Nades and Priya on the floor of the Senate. The Senator said: We can not stand by and allow these horrific, cruel and pointless misuses of force for supposed political gain to continue. Solidarity with Bring Priya, Nades and Girls Home to Biloela and all the residents of Biloela who are demanding the return of this family.

Action Update: Meeting with the Opposition Leader and Qld Senator

March 19, 2018

Representative Chandra Roulston meet with Opposition Leader Bill Shorten and Queensland Senator Chris Ketter to discuss Nades and Priya’s case. Both were aware of the case and pleased to be updated. We asked for their help in getting the family out of detention and home while they go through their appeal process. We will be following up and working with them to try and make this happen. 

Family Update: Back in Melbourne

March 18, 2018

The family is back in the Melbourne Immigration Detention Centre where they will now wait for 6 weeks until their hearing. In all the upheaval officials have lost two of the family's bags. For people who have so little with them this is not acceptable. The family are overwhelmed with the support and outpouring of love that has been shown to them. 

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